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    Providence Canyon 07-14-2007

    We decided to head up Providence Canyon for the day today. Since Shelly and the kids had never seen Old Ephraim's grave, we stopped by. We also found some pretty neat caves that gave us a nice break from the trail.

    This rock represents how tall Ephraim was when he stood up. He was a huge grizzly weighing approx. 1100 pounds. Click on the picture to read the plaque. (Owen is a big grizzly!)

    The roomiest cave is seen in these pictures. We needed a flashlight to really see what was in some of them. It was sure fun to explore this little area, especially for the boys.

    We really liked the "shower cave" Owen was a little apprhensive since we couldn't see the bottom of this one, but Brayden took the chance to take a little shower.

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