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    Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg

    Since the big Dew Tour is coming up in Salt Lake, I thought it would be cool to do a spotlight on one of our favorite FMX riders. Stenberg has been around the sport for a long time and is one of the most naturally gifted riders in the sport. His nickname, "Twitch" comes to him because at 3 years of age he was diagnosed with terrets syndrome, so you will often see him "twitch" as he is riding. He was born 9-27-81 and his Hometown is Winchester California. He has been in many videos including FMX Riot which spotlights natural terrain riding, no ramps! His ability to flick a 240 pound bike around in the air is unreal. He was the first ever to complete a backflip on natural terrain!

    In June of 2006, Twitch fell from the sky on a backflip attempt gone wrong. The back flip, once considered impossible on a 250cc bike, is now a staple of every freestyle competition, and there are now variations on the backflip that have been made to keep riders competitive. Check out this picture and this insane video of Twitch falling from the sky.

    He broke both legs from this fall. Luckily He had the "sense" to get around and not land on his head.

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    The truly amazing part about all of this, is he is back on the bike and he placed third at x-games in August. Nate Adams, who finished second, rode with a broken finger that was screwed together with a plate! These guys are tough! We will be watching these and others in the ESA Arena on Sept 22nd. We will be pulling for Twitch to be able to dethrone Adam Jones and Nate Adams. Twitch has yet to master the 360, so if he can pull it off, he has a good chance.

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