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    Bruce, Final?

    It was well past due to give old "Bruce" a little love . The plexiglass that I had as a windshield was getting really scratched up and became hard to see through especially when the sun was shining into it, so we decided to just remove it. We never drive this above 30 or 40 mph and we do realize that this will let the weather in more, but we are more than use to that by now. All I had to do was remove the screws and weld the holes to seal the tubing and secure the panel. If the heat is right on the welder and you are carefull, no finish work is necessary. I will wait to paint until I get all the welding done. I am going to add some door bars in at about arm height for a little added protection against rocks and/or rollovers.(one time breaking my arm is enough) I have not decided yet if I will add more roll plastic, painted plexiglass, or some netting so stay tuned as I will post the progress to this post.

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