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    Factory Butte Closure

    I guess this might fall under the category of a "rant". I have been following the story of Factory Butte near Caineville Utah since I have heard about the closures. We have been really upset at the apparent disregard for riders and users of this area in favor of a certain species cactus that they claim is endangered. I am all for saving the environment(I use it as much or more than anyone), but there has to be a line somewhere. This is a line that will be drawn as they decide what to do in this area. Riders have been enjoying Factory Butte for over 30 years, and are deeply affected by the recent closure of over 190 thousand acres, far more than where the cactus can even grow! Please take time to view this video that was aired on at your leisure. Karen, I am sure you will recognize Brad Bradley in the video. Click HERE to watch the video. I feel much like the people in this video, and I know that my family is made stronger by enjoying places such as these together. Here is a link to a PETITION that can be signed online to support our freedoms to ride in this area.

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