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    Let's get it AWN! awning install

    We found a good deal on a used Awning so we thought a little shade etc. could be nice. This actually turned into a pain to get on. It was heavy, awkward and it isn't really meant for our trailer so we had to figure alot of things out on the fly. The size is exaclty what we wanted however since we wanted both doors and the two front windows covered but didn't want a gigantic awning that was going to be hard to operate. I think it was just the ticket and in pretty good shape for a used awning. This unusual trailer still seems to be just the ticket for us since it was relatively cheap, big enough for all our stuff, and has all the functions we could ever want... too bad it can't transform to about half the size when we are towing it off the main road though! This has been an ongoing project that started from a relatively empty race car hauler and an an old winny we had. We continue to make progress on the function of the trailer even though the looks remain pretty crappy, but since we tend to take it out in the rough, we enjoy the function first aspects of this trailer.

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