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    Little Moab 2-17-2007

    Wow, did this trip turn cold at the end! Luckily we had a couple of days of near perfect weather before the snow came. This area is just west of Utah Lake, and has everything from extreme rockcrawling to deep sand, and has a number of interesting mines and a very interesting cave called the Nutty Putty Cave. The area is frequently referred to as "Little Moab" because of it's rock formations that allow a taste of anything from mild to wild in rockcrawling terrain. It's close proximity to our home makes this one of our favorite places to get away. Nutty Putty Cave has unfortunately been closed to the general public because of the many accidents that have occurred in the cave. The entrance is no more than a hole in the ground just big enough for a person to squeeze into, but the cave quickly opens up into many deep passages. Brayden and I were fortunate enough to go into the cave before it was closed. This was one of the major features of this area and it is hard to see it go. The cave is now managed by the Timpanogos Grotto of The NSS. We will include directions and gps coordinates as we get better at this.

    This trip was especially exciting for us because this was the first time officially out with Shelly's new buggy. Here is a picture of Shelly and Hannah on their way out to tear it up.

    Hannah even got into the act "driving" Owen's buggy around camp. This is a great buggy for kids because in first gear it won't go faster than walking speed. The little piece of rope on the steering wheel was used to keep her going in circles so we could just sit, relax, and watch.

    Saturday, we decided to head to a sand area located about 2 miles from our camp. This was a great place for the boys to play in the sand etc.

    Click HERE for a map and directions!

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