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    White Wash Dunes, March 2007

    I think it is very safe to say that we all had a great time at the White Wash Dunes. There was something in this area for everyone, and the weather couldn't have been better. White Wash Dunes is located roughly 25 miles south east of the town of Green River. More on this area can be found at .

    There are at least two very large areas for trailers and tents. They stress caution if you choose to take a large trailer to the lower area that is closer to the dunes. We decided to venture into the lower area to find a place suitable to our needs. We found a great spot near enough to the dunes that contained alot of riding and playing terrain right out our trailer door for the kids.

    Brayden spent most of his time on his bike finding jumps in the main "camping" area around our trailer. There was plenty of terrain for him to ride on while keeping in view of the trailer. This kid loves to jump and go fast! He had one wreck on a bad landing but only had some minor scratches and was back on his bike in no time at all. Luckily he always wears his gear.

    Little Owies Ballistic Missile was a real crowd pleaser. We saw many kids near his age on 4 wheelers, but none were as dominant on the dunes or as safe for kids as the Ballistic Missile. He even played on the big kid dunes and went everywhere! Owen did have his first roll in his rig on this trip. He didn't seem to affected by it though as seen in some of these pics.

    Hannah just enjoyed the heck out of herself on this trip. She loves to rip it up in the missile and is always climbing in Shelly's Terra Tamer asking for a "ride".

    Winding within the dunes was a really neat wash, that was white in some places.(perhaps where the name came from) The wash was easy riding and we were able to all ride around in the wash at our own speed and play on the varying terrain. We discovered many canyons within the wash that made a nice break from the sand. The water within the wash provided a cooling effect. Shelly's buggy reached slightly higher than 40mph in the wash and was just a blast to drive. I think my old CR250 actually reached ludicrous speed a time or two!( I couldn't see the gps because of all the chattering, but it was fast enough)

    Yea, we did the dunes too! Here are some pics.

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