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    Brayden's Dirt Bike Rebuild, KTM

    Brayden's bike was kind of a mess, so we decided to strip it down and rebuild it. First step is getting rid of all the grime and ordering the parts we need. The exhaust pipe was all banged up and the air intake hose was ratty. We ordered a new pipe and hose online and they should be here next week. We have a good start on putting it back together with the painted frame and the wheels and suspension installed.

    Today we continued the build up process. We found a new front fender and number plate at our favorite motorcycle shop along with a few stickers to dress it up. The pipe and the air tube should be here next week so we can finish it up.

    FINIHED! The payoff! It runs and looks like new.

    Check out the cool modified exhaust!
    New packing, new pipe, custom turn down tube.

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