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    Brian Deegan, "Disposable Hero"

    The movie "Disposable hero" was aired on Spike tv and as one of the boys "hero's" we had to watch this documentary about Brian Deegan . Even though he may not be a perfect model in every way for my boys, I was impressed by the way he overcame the pain and struggles of freestyle motocross. The name, "disposable hero", comes from all the injuries he has had and all the metal plates that are holding him together.

    Even if your not into freestyle motocross you have to look up to what these guys do, the sport is just so hard core if you look at all the injuries and training involved. I suppose as somewhat of a "trail" rider, I chose to take what I can from the sport of freestyle. Overcoming my injury from our five mile pass trip last April has not been easy and is still a struggle. Even though I am sure I have not gone through near as much pain that Brian Deegan has, this movie has inspired me to keep going and to not be satisfied with where I am at.

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