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    Liberal New Yorkers Trying To Grab Utah Lands!

    Anything that bags on SUWA or helps protect our Utah Lands For
    Multiple us is good with me! It sounds right along the line of SUWA
    tactics and par for the course for "Radical New Yorkers"

    Liberal New Yorkers Trying To Grab Utah Lands
    Will You Help Us Stop Them?

    Dear Fellow Utahn:
    As representatives serving in the Utah State Legislature, we are writing to alert you to a disturbing development that needs your attention.
    Did you know that liberal New Yorker Maurice Hinchey, one of the most radical politicians in Congress, wants the federal government to take away Utahns' right to fully access more than 9 million acres of land in our state?

    It's true. This radical New York Congressman doesn't trust Utahns to do the right thing on lands in our state. He wants to lock them away forever from virtually all uses. His proposal would even discriminate against disabled Utahns by making it harder to access these lands in wheelchairs!
    Every single member of Utah's Congressional delegation opposes this bill. But that hasn't stopped Rep. Hinchey from pushing this land grab.
    This bill is wrong for Utah and will hurt our citizens!
    For one, it will cost Utah hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues that help fund our local communities and schools because it will lock away much of Utah's valuable mineral resource from environmentally sound development.
    It will raise the cost of energy and drive monthly utility bills higher -- hurting low-income families the most.
    It will discourage new businesses from coming to Utah and discourage the creation of new, high-paying jobs.
    And, it will even WEAKEN America. How? Because it will hamstring our ability to produce American energy right here in Utah. That leads America to become more dependent on energy from hostile foreign nations -- some of whom fund terrorist organizations that are right now targeting our American men and women in uniform.

    In spite of all this, an extremist political group in Utah -- SUWA -- actually supports this anti-Utah initiative. Fueled by millions of dollars from out-of-state extremists and Hollywood elites, SUWA is working directly against Utah's interests.
    We stand in strong opposition to this land grab. Will you stand with us? Take 60 seconds and send an instant message to government leaders against this effort by going here:

    You can learn much more about this entire issue by going here:

    Thank you in advance for joining with us and thousands of other Utah citizens in this important defense of our state.
    Utah State Representative Aaron TiltonUtah State Representative Mike Noel
    On behalf of the Stop The Utah Land Grab Campaign

    P.O. Box 780Salt Lake City, Utah 84110

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