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    Uroc Rockcross: What is "Rock Racing"?

    The sport of "rock crawling" has come a LONG ways since my first trip to Moab in my 1984
    Ford Bronco. It has evolved into a high dollar sport that is very competitive. The new rage is
    a term called "rock racing" In the sport of rock crawling timers were used to gauge the best
    times through a particular set of obstacles. Time penalties would be issued for certain things
    as backing, hitting cones etc. Although very demanding and competitive, the element of speed
    and competition was a little lacking. There are many formats to rock racing, one of which is
    UROC RockCross.

    In the world of rock based motorsports, UROC is the leader. UROC RockCross combines the unbelievable climbs of rockcrawling with the element of speed and head to head competition. Unlike any other form of rockracing, RockCross and it’s head to head format will leave your craving for hammer down action completely satisfied. Imagine… several rigs on a starting line of dirt, the green flag drops and all hell breaks loose. Tire bumping, block passing, rock smackin, wheel standing, roost action that is exciting for the whole family. Who wins??? Whoever crosses the finish line first. Rockcross isn’t about racing a clock, its about beating living, breathing competition that wants nothing more than to beat you. It is racing at its best!

    UROC RockCross Phoenix
    Mud bog racing in the desert? It's true. The action looks insane, and the mud was flying at the UROC RockCross finale in Phoenix, AZ.
    Here are a few pics of the action in Pheonix. These buggies are truly unbelievable and
    very unique in the sport of off roading. The 4 wheel drive capabilities allow them to climb up
    most obstacles, but the low center of gravity and high horsepower allow them to speed around
    corners and jump without much fear of rolling. The bomb proof construction of these rigs is just
    out of necessity when battling these types of obstacles at this speed.

    Campbell and the Lovell brothers took first in Phoenix in the Super Modified and Modified classes (respectively), while Nate Williams and Jim Mabey were declared the series winners. Nate Williams is actually an aquaintence of mine from my days living in Logan Utah. His buisiness has really taken off and we see him alot at the top of the "podium".

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