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    We normally camp at an area known as "Swingarm City" near Caineville Utah. Swingarm City is a designated "open play area" for atvs. The area is located roughly 12 miles West of Hanksville. Here is a map from mapquest showing the area. My suggestion would be to go through Hanksville then go west roughly 12 miles and keep your eyes peeled to the right.

    Below is a zoomed in satalite view of the area marked "HERE" on the map above. The "road" to turn on to camp is about 12 miles West of Hanksville. About a mile before you get there, you will see a fairly good road on your right, this is NOT the road to take. You travel about another mile and there will be a more faint road on your right. A little further is a more main entrance to the area. The main riding area is fairly obvious, so if you go too far you should see the area and know to turn around.


    If you don't like remote locations, you may have a hard time with this trip. Yes, it is remote, but... it is also REMOTE!! The main attraction of this area is obviously the terrain. It's a great place to get out and ride. Goblin Valley is a fun place to hike around, especially for kids. You can easily spend a few hours searching the "goblins" and caves. Our kids spend alot of time around camp riding bikes, making jumps, digging in the dirt etc. You can hike at Swingarm City, but you will have to walk a little ways to get to the canyons. While we were there, Shelly would go on runs up the small canyons, and I explored a few canyons on foot that were too narrow for my bike, but most of the area is too large to reasonably hike.

    Goblin Valley (state park fees apply, $6)

    Swingarm City (free)

    Items You May Want: (this is stuff we usually have fun with, but use your imagination too!)

    • Bmx bikes for the kids/bigwheels etc.
    • Dirt toys, such as: small shovels, toy trucks etc.
    • Kites
    • Small bb guns, targets to shoot
    • Favorite movies or ps2 games
    • Camp chairs
    • RC trucks etc.
    • RC airplanes/small gliders etc.
    • Magazines, books
    • Dirt bikes, 4 wheelers
    • Rockets
    • Telescope/binoculars
    • Pop/Candy/Snacks
    • Squirt guns
    • Firewood
    • Talk Abouts
    • Compass, gps
    • Water, Water, Water

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