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    White Wash Sand Dunes, Moab Utah, 2-15-2008

    The kids were out of school, I had a holiday and some major spring fever baby! Moab was definitely the cure we all needed. We were really nervous all the way down seeing all the snow on the ground, but just like a griswold family Christmas tree, we rounded the corner and the majestic red dunes backdropped by the slickrock domes were glowing like a heavenly vision! The temps were mild during the day and cold at night. There was a bit of of snow in the dunes themselves on the north facing dunes which made for some fun riding in itself as well as sledding for the kids. The sand was moist in the shade making it possible to make a sand castle. The riding is varied from smallish dunes, to fast flats, to technical slickrock trials type riding, to narrow canyons, to wide open, and of course great Moab scenery. There were times when we had a few neighbors(in tents even!) and times when we had the enitre place to ourselves to just enjoy and soak it all in, but when your neighbors are 1,000 yards away you hardly notice them anyways. We hope this area doesn't catch on too much because it is definitely a favorite of ours, but it is big enough too share... a little!

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