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    Larry Linkogle, Metal Mulisha

    "Link is best known for his vow to never sell out and has remained underground riding for the cause and not for the money. He has been voted the Worlds Best Natural Terrain Rider and is not afraid to go big.Link has the most horrific crash in the History of FMX by getting hit by a helicopter 40ft in the air while filming the movie Triple X as Vin Deisls stunt double. The collision left Link with his frontal lobe of his brain ripped from his interskull, among other injuries the brain injury kept him down, but he refused to give up on riding and stayed underground only shooting photos and video on natural terrain hits that he would spend days alone shoveling despite the seizures from the helicopter wreck. Link has over come all his injuries as well as conquering some personal demons along the way. Link has crawled out of the fires of hell and has been in full affect breaking a world distance record in 2006 in a pair of cut off camo pants & sweatshirt. The only gear or pads he wore was a helmet, skateboard kneepads, chest plate and a pair of boots. He conquered this jump on a stock bike he borrowed that day. Also making appearances on Fuel TVs M80, Crusty Demons reality show, Discovery Channels Biker Build Off, building a METAL MULISHA Bike that was built to ride threw Armageddon and appearing in all the Crusty Movies."

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