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    David Knight GNCC Round 5

    Knighter wins again!
    The GNCC series is an event that I have chosen to follow this year and so far I have not been disappointed. My interest was sparked by David Knight who has dominated in many events. In round 5 of the GNCC series David Knight extends his lead in the series and seems to be in complete control at this point. This is his 4th win in only 5 tries this season! The latest race took place on April 27 in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. FMF Suzuki's Joshua Strang took second place giving him 25 additional points, with Charlie Mullins taking third adding 21 points to his total. Kinght took the win by about a minute over Strang. Glenn Kearny took 4th, Nathan Kanney 5th, and Paul Whibley 6th. The total points the way I figure it total as follows after the first 5 rounds, with Knight adding 30 points to his total with the win. The next race is to take place May 10-11 in Millfield, OH.

    1. David Knight 141 (4 wins)
    2. Charlie Mullins 97(1win)
    3. Paul Whibley 88
    4. Nathan Kanney 85
    I will try to add some more pictures and video of the event in another post since I can't seem to find any right now.

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