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    A Look Back, A Few Of My Favorite Rock Rigs Of All Time

    This one started it all! The Scorpion Mk1, built by Soni Honegger in 1997. It was featured in Peterson's 4 wheel and off road magazine Aug 1997, come on, I know you remember this Issue! They called it the "swiss army knife" I still remember staring at this exact picture, for hours! Soni Honegger set out on a mission to build what had been knocking around his head for some time, to build the most capable all terrain vehicle ever with a suspension system void of any springs and connected front to back with an equalizing system that actually forced articulation. It allows equal pressure on all 4 in even the most demanding situations as can be seen in some of these photos. It used air bags to spring the vehicle and a mechanical linkage that would force a rear tire down at a 70/30 ratio when the front tire in the opposite corner was force up or vice verse. The two pictures without the OD green paint were featured in the Aug 1997 magazine while the ones in the OD green were taken from top truck challenge 1998 where it won the event.

    Not nearly as Legendary in my mind, but very cool indeed is the Sniper built by Avalanche Engineering and owned by Steve Rumore. It rolls on 44" super swamper TSL's and is powered by a 407. The axles are huge 2.5 ton military and nearly unbreakable. The suspension is a coil over 4 link setup. The lightweight body and super heavy axle combo made it very stable in off camber situations.

    And finally, the "Mango" buggy built by Spyder customs. This rig has some huge power with a 502 ram jet! The axles are spyder customs own ford nine inch advantage with 40 spline axle shafts custom housing and center section. These axles are no longer available for purchase for whatever reason, but probably because of the outrageous expense to make them. The tranny is a turbo 400 and the t-case is an atlas 3. It rolls on 42" TSL's and is sprung by coil over springs with a 4-link setup.

    Wow, that was fun!
    In 2003 Preferred Chassis Fabrication completed the purchase of the scorpion 4x4 and patent pending technology. "the baddest buggy of all time" July 05 4-wheel and off road magazine.

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