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    More David Knight

    It was said that these were the toughest conditions ever for a GNCC race. The rain in Ohio made for muddy conditions that took it's toll on the racers and the machines. David Knight's problems were mostly with the bike as it started to cut out, then eventually stopped all together. Luckily he was near his pit and the crew was able to fix the problems and get him back out on the course to salvage a 4th place finish! Not enough to drop him out of first place, but it could be just enough to make the series interesting. Seriously though, he is still 47 points ahead of second place!

    Now, Knight goes on to prepare for Erzberg!!

    This legendary endurance race takes place in Austria. This year it is scheduled for May 22nd through May 25. Some big names will be in the mix this year, such as Mike Metzger. It will be really interesting how Metz stacks up against Knighter in this kind of a race. The year that Travis Pastranna raced at Erzberg he did very well considering he doesn't usually participate in Enduro races. Knight will be looking to regain his title from Taddy Blazusiak. He will have to beat 1500 other riders to do this! I couldn't find any air times etc. for the race, so if anyone knows if/when it will be aired, please tell me! This will be one that I don't want to miss. I think we all know that Knight will leave Metz in the dust, but who knows??

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