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    Knolls Recreation Area, June 2008

    This weekend we decided to try Knolls. We started our adventure by getting our truck and trailer stuck in the sand, but luckily there were some very nice people camped nearby with a truck to give us a little tug. After we reached our destination among the dunes we realized that I had left the key to the rear door of our trailer home, so I busted out the hacksaw and cut the latch open to unload our rigs. After a rocky start we settled in and really enjoyed the time we were there. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and I really enjoyed exploring the many trails and wide open area. Knolls reminds me a little of a cross between white wash dunes and nutty putty. It had a lot of small dunes, but also a lot of rocky climbs. While the area really doesn't compare to Moab or Caineville, it is a good bang for your buck if you are looking for someplace closer to Salt Lake. Even on a hot weekend there were a good amount of people there, but the area is so big that can still find your own "corner" very easily.

    Saturday I ventured out to find the limits of the area. It didn't take me long to come across the fence to the bombing range. We heard some very loud "booms" while we were there, so apparently it's still active. It was a short time after I took this picture that I got a flat on my rear tire, of course almost the furthest point from the trailer as possible. Luckily I have a ultra heavy duty tube and a very good tire so I was able to ride back taking care to at least save the tire if I could. I think the tube is toast, but the tire should be least as ok as it was.

    Saturday evening around midnight it started to blow like the dickens. Brayden and I were sleeping out under the stars so we had to gather everything up and head for shelter in the trailer. The wind continued most of the night, but in the morning it was gone. We were glad not to be in a tent reflecting on a few windy nights in Moab on previous trips. After repositioning the trailer, we hardly heard the wind the rest of the night. Hey, we've paid our dues in the tent! We still had sand about everywhere imaginable when we left, but it was a very good fun trip regardless.

    To get to the Knolls Recreation Area travel west on I-80 towards Wendover for approx 1 hr 45 minutes, until you see the Knolls exit signs.

    Here is a video of some of the fun we had. We included some still pictures in here as well so, enjoy!

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