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    Bountiful Canyon Trip, August 2008

    We decided to take a little trip up Bountiful Canyon this weekend for a camp out. We found this great spot in the pines that allowed for privacy, shade, and a place for the boys to ride their bikes. Owen decided that it was time for him to learn to ride his KTM, and when he puts his mind to something it really doesn't take him long. We didn't want it to be a bad experience for him, to keep him motivated, so we were careful to hang on to him until he got his throttle and brake control figured out. By the middle of the day, he was racing his older brother around the loop.

    Here are some pics from one of my rides I took on my dirt bike. This is a new trail to me that we had hiked on earlier in the day. I wanted to see how far it went, but soon realized it went on and on......

    The first picture is the trail head as it climbs quickly through the trees. This part of the trail was a blast to climb and is a different spur to the trail than what we had hiked earlier in the day(I wouldn't want to walk up this one). After it climbs this part it mellows a bit and turns to switch backs, then more mellow and more narrow as the trail continues. All but the first climb of this trail requires slow technical riding.

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