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    Bountiful Canyon, Tuttle's Loop

    I decided to take a ride up Bountiful canyon again, and I think I ended up taking what I believe is known as tuttle's loop(someone correct me if I'm wrong). It's an incredible trail and I wanted to get an aerial view when I returned to see exactly where I went. I didn't get to complete this loop last time and missed out on the best part of the trail. I marked the trail section on the map along with the start and ending. The trail descends down a very easy trail from they skyline drive road until it reaches the bottom where there is a cave. From this point the trail turns East and begins to climb. There is a short section of the trail that weaves through the trees that becomes more difficult and is a flat out blast to ride. It isn't rocky, so I was thankful for that, but it was a bit silty, so momentum was my friend again as I climbed through the trees. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of this awesome section of trail (I was having too much fun!)
    After I caught my breath at the top, I headed south on the dirt road and eventually found another fun trail that I rode for a while. After riding around on top, I descended again to the cave to get another crack at the trail. Right when I got to the bottom, I realized I had a flat and had to turn back up the easier part of the trail and call my trip done for the day!

    Here is an aerial view of the "loop" along with markings of the trail. I zoomed in to see exactly where the trail went..I think I got it pretty close.

    This is the start of the trail from Skyline Drive ..And this is where the trail ends at the top where it intersects with the dirt road.

    I had to snap a few more pictures of the cave. I'm not much into exploring caves when not prompted by my kids, so I didn't go too far, plus the cave was full of water and I like dry socks.

    Here are a few pics along the dirt road and of the trail towards the end. It's beautiful country and fun riding. The pictures don't do it justice, especially when looking at the trails, but I tried.

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