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    "Trailgate" Dirt Bike Tailgate, Part 4

    This week I got the ramps done and welded to the tailgate. I cut a slot out of the main bike loading ramp in the middle to accept my aluminum dirt bike ramp. Below is a little video to demonstrate how the ramps connect. I haven't seen this done on other tailgates of this sort, but it seemed like a good idea and it works great.

    Here is a picture of the almost completed tailgate with the ramp engaged and step extended. The combination of the lower load height, and step make it possible for me to load my bike on level ground without help from a second person and without hauling a bucket around to use as a step.

    A close-up of the ramp and step. I bent the outer ramps by making a homemade brake of sorts on my bench with some clamps and a 2x4. The ramps are made from 1/8" steel tread plate. The step is 1/2 square supported with plate. I wanted to make the step as compact as possible while still being strong enough to hold my weight. It hinges on a 1/2 shaft and collars welded below the plate.

    Here is how the step folds up. It's out of the way allowing for a four wheeler or similar to be loaded into the bed on the outer ramps. The outer ramps also double as steps. Check out the clearance between the outer ramps and the bumper!

    Here are some views of the tailgate in the closed position(the next step is to make latches to hold it closed). As you can see, this tailgate provides enough room for my bike to sit in the truck with the tailgate closed. When transporting 3 bikes, the middle bike would sit backwards as shown in the picture to the left.

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