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    Moab Day 3, Bull Canyon/Metal Masher

    Today we decided to head up past the goonie bird and into Bull Canyon to start the day. At the end of Bull Canyon you can see Gemini Bridges towering above you. The bridges are an impressive site from either the top orCheck Spelling the bottom, but the bottom is usually less crowded and it's a nice place to have lunch. An individual in our old club lost his life here by not setting his park brake adequately in his jeep when parked on the rim. You can see a plaque if you visit the bridges from the top. There are two separate bridges here that can be driven across in a jeep. The first picture shows a person standing in the upper right to give a hint of how massive these are! After playing around in Bull Canyon for a bit, we tip toed through the Metal Masher trail. This trail has impressive views from the top and is not difficult if you skip rock chucker and widow maker.

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