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    Moab Day 4, "The Caves"

    Today we headed out South of Moab and into Kane Springs Canyon. We continued on over Hurrah Pass and to an area known as "The Caves". This is an area we found a number of years ago almost by accident while exploring the Lockhardt Basin Trail. We decided to head out a spur to have lunch in the shade of some rocks. What we found was a network of caves under the rocks. These caves are a little different than most, they wander under huge slickrock slabs and boulders that are perched on a softer layer that has been eroding over time creating the passages. It's surprising how far you can wander back into these passages in and over the slabs and boulders. To reach the caves, take the spur to the left after descending hurrah pass. The parking area can be seen to the right almost immediately after turning off the main road. We traveled to this area in our stock truck. Any stock high clearance vehicle would be able to make this drive. You know you've gone to far if you reach chicken corners.

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