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    5-mile pass 7-20-2007

    No broken parts, no broken bones. Lot's of trails, lot's of fuel, lot's of ice water.

    Just chillin in the trailer during the hottest part of the day on Saturday. I don't think we would have been very happy for very long without a place to cool down and wash the dirt off at the end of the day. Brayden is coloring, Owen is playing game boy, Shelly and Hannah are on the playstation..... maybe I'll go for a ride.

    I had to go back to the place I broke my arm. We were coming down off this sidehill and rolled out of the berm. Man that hurt! It was exactly 12 weeks ago to the day on the Friday that we drove out there. Weird!

    We had a great time at 5-mile. It seems as though the trails were nearly endless. we love the wide open feeling that this area offers, and we love being together as a family, doing what we love.

    Go to the Five Mile Pass Mian Page for directions including a map and more information on this area.

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