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    Kevin's Cherokee

    A good friend of mine recently ran some trails in Colorado and came back with some damage to the front suspension linkage. A rock that he hit actually tore the stock bracket from the axle. I was happy to help him put it back together with some stronger brackets.

    I hope your bumper is strong Kevin. It looked to be pretty solid so the hoist was the easiest way to get it in the air.

    Here is a shot of the damage. You can see where the bracket was attached before the rock ripped it away.

    Having the other stock bracket still attached made getting the template for the new brackets a little easier. I first cut it out of cardboard then traced it to the metal. Once I got the metal brackets cut out, I mounted them in the vice with the critical edges aligned and used the grinder and then the file to get them exactly the same size. I then marked the hole location on one bracket, then drilled through all 4 with a pilot to get the holes in exactly in the same position. Then I just had to step up the hole size on all 4 plates to finish.

    Update...Saturday, Aug 11
    Today I made more progress by welding the brackets together and removing the old brackets, or what was left of them. I was only able to get the passenger side bracket welded on today, but with an hour or so more, I should be completley done.

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