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    Shelly's Buggy, Intro

    I have decided to go ahead and try this blog stuff after seeing some of the other blogs created by the Barlows in the bunch. This first post is just a rundown of what we have been up to lateley along with a few pics. I am still working for Davis Behavioral Health as an accountant full time along with keeping my old job doing accounting work for Robert Love Heating part time as a means to make ends meet. While I am gratefull for the opportunities I have had to work, I will be glad when I can trim the load back to just one job. Shelly is still employed at AAI as a Mechanical Engineer, although recently she has not been working because of the need to stay home with the kids and lack of work for her at AAI. She hopes to able to pick up some hours working at home for AAI in the near future. Brayden is in first grade this year and learning alot. Owen and Hannah are home with mom for now. Shelly and I have been keeping very busy this winter on a project that spurred from a need for Shelly to have her own vehicle to drive while on our weekend outings, and from a motor we have had lying around in the garage collecting dust. The design of the vehicle came mostly from trying to shape it around the power and size of the motor we had and the need for two seats so Hannah could ride along with mom in her car seat. Under Shelly's supervision, I was able to design the entire vehicle using autocad which proved to be a better method than just using the images in my head that has been done on previous projects. We purchased a tubing bender that made the job of creating the tube structure a cinch when building from the plans. The other parts of the buggy we purchased from different sources and are a combination of go kart and sand rail parts. This was a very challenging project for us since it is the first vehicle we have built totally from scratch. We really enjoyed it and plan on doing more as we get more ideas. I have included a few pictures of the buggy.

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