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    Galfer Wave Rotor, Stomp Traction, Chain..2001 CR250

    Just another project
    Grip tape, Stomp Traction Pads, Galfer front wave brake rotar and new pads
    Also from a previous project, new pro-taper sprockets and a new Gold series chain

    So far I am very happy with the newest upgrades. The traction pads and grip tape protect
    the frame and make it easier to grip the bike. The chain of course is a regular maintenance
    item to maintain efficiency of the drive. The sprockets are pro-taper. The rear is hardened
    alluminum and the front is chromolly to save weight(and the old ones were stretched and
    bent). The last time out the bike was flawless, very happy. I still have alot to learn to shoe
    horn it up some of the tight trails I have taken it on, but this machine is at home on the
    tight trails and out in the open. The trail upgrades have made it a fairly good all around
    fun motorbike with plenty of smile inducing power.
    UPDATE: It turns out that I don't like the stop traction pads on the bike. The grip tape on the frame is ok, but I can't recommend the stomp pads because they didn't stick very well and it felt cumbersome to me to move around on the bike. The sprockets, chain and wave rotors are still holding up well after over a year of abuse.

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