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    Trailer Project, 2-9-2008, dinette etc.

    We made a bit more progress on our homeade toyhauler trailer today. We ordered a dinette set from R & B Components and found out when it arrived that the table was not included. The bench seats took a bit of fabrication to mount, but we are pretty happy with the end results. We bought the table from an RV store and it really is the perfect size. It's lightweight, compact, and was fairly cheap. As you can see the dinette turns into a bed, or folds up out of the way so we can load our toys into the back of the trailer without any problems.
    We also bought an oil shelf unit from the same place to hold all our vital fluids for our machines. It looks cool and keeps all our 2-stroke oil, gear oil etc. etc. on hand and at an easy glance we can see if we need to restock before we head out. The propane system for the trailer was also in need of attention so we installed a new regulator and new hoses to the propane tanks. It was finally warm enough today to put our fox sticker on too. It made it look a little less crappy and a little more cool! Today was the first hint of spring we have seen and we can't wait for the snow to melt so we can get the trailer and our toys out on the dirt!

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