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    Centerville ATV Park

    Today was my day off since I started to work 4 -10's at my full time job and the kids were all out of school so we decided to head over to a little place that we had hear rumor of while Shelly was at work raking in the dough. It's called the Centerville atv park, but it's not much really. I think I've heard that it is actually some private land that was donated by and individual to allow some space to ride. It's actually great to have a place like this so close to home to let the kids practice, and to let me practice a bit as well. It's a very small area, but the dirt is a great consistency and it has a few little climbs, some woops, some get the picture. Brayden got some riding in on his bike while the weather was more agreeable, the start cord on Owie's and Hannah's buggy broke so they didn't get to ride, and I rode in the passing snow storm while the kids stayed warm in the truck. Brayden wanted to take a quick video of me riding up this little hill next to the truck, so enjoy the pics and the vid!

    Above is one of the smaller berms in the area. These are great for the kids to ride and practice on. You can see the spot where Brayden's first attempt went wrong. He got up to high in the loose dirt and tipped the bike over. He either needed more speed or he needed to go lower on the berm, but that's how you learn. You can almost see where I work in the picture with the truck in it. It's basically right over the hill behind the truck about a 5 to 10 minute drive away. I think I will come to this area more often after work since there is access to longer trails and the canyons from this spot as well.

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