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    Trailer Project

    We have been working on our trailer a bit lately so here are a few pics of what we have been up to. The front of the trailer was in really bad shape from all the rocks, water etc. flipping up so I dug around and found some aluminum sheeting to replace the areas that needed attention. The shiny stuff is from Wayne's airplane project, we think it looks really nice and should be very durable. The stuff on the edges is some 1/8" aluminum sheeting so it should have no problem holing up to abuse and it's still pretty light. We also had some rust, so we took care of that too, and kept going along some of the galvanized strips that had rust marks from the screws etc. On the inside I decided to make a hinge on one of the dinette seats so it would pivot around out of the way more for when we are not sitting at the dinette. I had to make another leg that bolts on the front and a small spacer on the one back leg, but it pivots out of the way by removing one bolt and it just feels like it has a ton more room and more seating for tv watching/visiting etc. Shelly got going on a closet idea for clothes and whatever else we need to stow up out of the way while we are camped. It should all be a great addition for our outings. We are waiting for our new checkered race flag awning now that will replace the one that was torn apart on our last trip. We also got a huge checkered flag mat that will go below the awning for a nice place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

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