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    Dirt Bike Bottom End Rebuild, Part 2

    Rebuilding the bottom end of a bike is a big job, but having the right tools makes it a lot easier. The picture to the left are the specialty tools that I had to buy for the job. They include a case splitter, a clutch holding tool, flywheel puller, and a crank puller/installer tool. I purchased them all for around $150 from The short video below shows how the flywheel puller and clutch holding tool are used. The other tools will be used later. The video should give a pretty good idea of the process of removing the parts to get to the crank and crank bearings. A basic bottom end rebuild includes replacing the crankshaft assembly and the main bearings and seals. Stay tuned for the follow-up posts where the case will be split and the new parts will be installed!

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