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    Replacing Dirt Bike Linkage Bearings, 2001 CR250, part 1

    Moving on to the linkage bearings now. These are smaller than the swingarm bearings and therefore, a bit easier to pound out. It still helps a lot to heat the aluminum around the bearing and spray a little wd-40 to get them on their way.

    With the old bearings out and the linkage cleaned up, start by heating the aluminum with a propane torch. With the pivot works kit that I ordered, I had to keep the spacers on the two bigger bearings, but the shock bearing came with new ones.

    Lay the linkage component on a piece of wood to not damage it, remove the plastic bearing retainers, and tap in the new bearings with a socket and hammer. As the picture below shows, you'll end up using the old spacers with the new bearings, sleeve, and seals. The two washers provided go between the spacers and seal on the widest joint. Add grease to the bearing before installing the sleeve.

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